Monday, October 26, 2009

Drawn to shoot.

From time to time when driving I am drawn to shoot a picture. This was one of those times.

This is not quite as pretty but yet again just a picture that I was drawn to shoot.

These started out that way. I thought the sky and the house looked cool, so, I shot a picture of it and decided I wanted to make it a portrait. Then I decided to make it a weird portrait and then it turned into a whole thing.

I shot this last one for my lighting tech. class. The assignment was to capture a performer's personality.

Brad Tabor is a singer-songwriter who mostly just plays for friends and fun. A song that he wrote about 3 brother's bar can be found on the juke box at the bar.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Underground again.

Mountain Top Removal Hearing

Cameron Martin of Whitesburg, Ky. holds daughter Makenna Martin, age 4, while waiting outside of the Eastern Kentucky Expo Center with his son Logan Martin, age 7. Martin is a miner and works for Nally and Hamilton in Whitesburg.

Dwayne Caudill holds son Braxton while waiting outside the Eastern Kentucky Expo Center for a hearing about Nation Wide Permit 21. Caudill is a miner and works for Nally and Hamilton in Whitesburg, Ky.

Chuck Baker and Ariana Sizemore wait outside the Eastern Kentucky Expo Center for a hearing about Nation Wide Permit 21. Baker is a miner and works for Nally and Hamilton in Leslie County, Ky.

Cari Moore of Garner, Ky. debates against mountian top removale with a couple of miners before the hearing on Nation Wide Permit 21. Moore said, "When their kids are grown there is not going to be coal to mine and theres not going to be anything."

Greg Capillo a Western Kentucky University student and activist came from Bowling Green, Ky. to Pikeville, Ky. to attend the hearing on Nation Wide Permit 21. Capillo is known at WKU for his anti-mountian top removal activism.

enviromental portraits

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Rise of Man-kind and The Fall of Critter-kind

I woke up this morning at 6:30 for no obvious reason, so, I decided to go shoot some pictures. I saw a mother and child sitting on their front porch under a thick blanket waiting on the school bus in some good light, but the school bus beat me to them. Then while I was out and about I rolled up on this little feller. I had an idea for a project a while back called "The rise of man-kind and the fall of critter-kind" and this fits it perfect. I was thinking something like... "As man prospers on this fine earth we have and spreads civilization we are loosing room for the critters. Roads now cross what used to be forest along with houses and cities. Because of this critter-kind has had to wonder down into what is now mans land. It's hard for a critter to make it out in mans land rummaging through trash for food and crossing busy roads to get home. It seems that the farther along man comes the less room there is for critter. They end up roadkill. "

Athletic Portraits

Tyrell Hayden, 21, senior, from Mount Sterling, Ky. is the starting running back for Western Kentucky University. He says that he is intense on the field but calm and relaxed in his personal life.

Devin Davis, 21, of Boise, Idaho plays for the Western Kentucky University Rugby team. Devin said, "I like to hit people and drink beer."