Monday, March 15, 2010

acp: part 3 the story

He is an easy rider, a hard worker and an outlaw in a sort of romantic sense of the word. At the age of 14, George Caudill started working on big rigs with his father. He got his first job doing mechanic work with Mitchell Wright. He now works for Mitchell's sons, driving for Larry Wright Trucking and doing mechanic work for Doyle Wright at A and G Trucking. Much like when the sun falls behind the mountains in Eastern Kentucky just before dark, the coal industry is in a blue period. With the rise of green technologies and enviormental conciousnes, George's lifes work and experience are now being threatened by the changing times. Jobs in and related to the coal industry keep the people of Eastern Kentucky alive. Like many other Appalachian people, George fears what will happen when the coal industry leaves the area. Will the communities just fizz out like the last firecracker on the fourth of July or will there be something to fill the void?

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acp: part 2

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