Sunday, December 13, 2009

Bruce Collum: Still image edit

When I started working on Bruce's story I didn't quite know what to expect, I just saw a pair of legs under a van and thought it would make a cool picture. Then I met Bruce. This guy is one of the most for real people I have met. Throughout the course of working on his story we ended up becoming friends. So, meet my good friend Bruce Collum.

Bruce Collum works on a van to make extra money for his family. Collum is constantly fixing something.

Bruce Cullom works on lawn mowers and cars to help support his family while his wife Tiny Meadows waits on the porch for Collum to go to the hospital with her because she is feeling ill.

Bruce Collum's hands are aged from years of working and hard-living.

Bruce Cullom, age 60, receives a hug from daughter Nay Meadows, age 15, on their back porch with cousin Lonnie Whitney and wife Tiny Meadows. Cullom has is on section 8 housing has diabetes and has survived cancer.

Blue Colar assignment

For about 25 years Roy Miller has worked as a Mechanic. He is currently working at the Cheveron station on 11th and broadway in Bowling Green, Ky. Miller said, "I just got out of school and got into it, I had to have a job."